Cloud Migration Made Super Easy! 

We are aware of how difficult it is to set up a dedicated workstation for a business. Let go of the conventional hardware setup. We are here to introduce you to the cloud!

Just to know: In the past few years, cloud migration has been accounting for 40% all around the world which means close to half of the business systems are acting in a cloud environment.

Also, it’s forecasted that the proportion is likely to expand to another 10 per cent in the next couple of years which accounts for 50% of the businesses across the globe that will be working in a cloud-based environment.

It’s such a high time that cloud services need to be available for all. Hence, with an anticipated vision, Nengutech started providing cloud computing services that are in demand and essential for any business setup presently and/or undoubtedly in the near future.  

We can swiftly migrate your business to act upon a cloud server and help you corner cut the managerial costs in terms of systems.  

What we do for you?

Right from structure development for your business to staffing, support and maintenance, a precise definition of the service to be provided is catered. And, you’re in the safe hands of one of the best cloud services providers. So, no worries. We will ensure an immaculate cloud adoption for your business.  

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Structure Development 

Cloud structure is how individual technologies are integrated into IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network. Cloud architecture is how all the components and capabilities necessary to build a cloud are connected in order to deliver an online platform on which business applications can run. 

We will help customers structure the outline of your cloud architecture for your business operations.  

 Plan Building

There are various cloud architectures like Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud. 

  • Public cloud architecture: A cloud environment created from resources not owned by the end-user that can be redistributed to other tenants. 
  • Private cloud architecture: A cloud environment intended to the end-user to completely rely upon, usually within the user’s firewall and sometimes on-premise. 
  • Hybrid cloud architecture: Multiple cloud environments integrated with some degree of workload portability, orchestration, and management among them. 
  • Multi-cloud architecture: An IT system that includes more than 1 cloud—public or private—that may or may not be networked together. 

Depending upon the requirement and the size of the client company, we can figure out to build a proper plan that best suits their business.  


The process of deploying an application through one or more cloud hosting models like software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and/or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that leverage the cloud is technically called cloud deployment. Architecting, planning, implementing and operating workloads are some of the operations on the cloud environment backed by the cloud server. 

We help the company to successfully set up the working cloud environment to regularize the business operations on the cloud working model.  


In the wake of successfully hosting the cloud environment for the client, Nengutech focuses on placing the appropriate cloud management professionals with suitable competency to carry out the business operations of the clients.  

Support and Maintenance

We look forward to eternal client associations which are vouched by the highly abled support team that is always available for solving issues if any and maintaining the cloud environment for making the business of the client runnable at any condition.  

Benefits of Cloud Management Services

Cost savings

Predictable, recurring monthly costs

Future-proofed technology

Custom and integrated service

Robust infrastructure

Centralized network services and applications

Coverage on all service levels

Disaster recovery

Fast response times

Vendor interfacing

Our Working Support & Service Model

Our Operational Model

  • Structure
  • Governance
  • People Capabilities, Process & Technology
  • Plan Building
  • Faster Execution

Our Capability of Experienced Resources

  • Cost advantages
  • Increased efficiency
  • Time to focus on business strategy
  • Access to skilled professional resources
  • Faster and better service for clients

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If cloud hosting and business migration is the objective of the client, then Nengutech is here to execute it successfully. Our duty will not just end with the deployment but we make sure the right set of professionals with appropriate candidacy is recruited for a business. 

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