Development Services.
For Custom-Tailored Business Softwares.

We’ve been into software development for years now! And every time we do it, we come up inventing something new. Something new and robust that helps businesses thrive! 

Software Development Services We Offer at Nengutech

🔲 Software Development

It’s the entire package – right from designing to re-engineering and support, we do it all for you – mobile applications, web applications and more. 

🔲 Software Testing

Repeated testing of built software to ensure full functionality of softwares – unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and more. 

🔲 UI & UX Design

In-depth research to ensure user workflows, wireframes, mockups and most importantly, how the end-user feels about it. 

🔲 Support & Maintenance

Need support & maintenance once the product is released? We’ll get that done for you anytime you need it! 

🔲 Business Analysis

Our team helps you understand whether there is scope for you in the field – risk analysis, problem finding and more.

The Nengu SDLC - Software Development Lifecycle at Nengutech

🔲 Planning

We sit, talk and discuss with our clients and gather every information we need to go forward with the product! 

🔲 Designing

With the requirements we gather during the discussion, we start designing the product with it. 

🔲 Building

Once we design the product, we’ll start building the product based on agreed programming languages, methods and techniques. 

🔲 Testing

Rigorous testing to ensure there aren’t any bugs existing in the product. We do it even a thousand times if needed! 

🔲 Iterations

Before we go live, we sit and discuss with you whether it’s everything you want. If not, we make the necessary changes! 

🔲 Deployment

Once when all the iterations are done, we deploy the software and make it live for use! 

🔲 Maintenance

Post the software is deployed, we help maintain the software in the future and make sure the software is at its peak performance always!

Software Development Services We Do

🔲 Mobile Application Development

At Nengutech, mobile application development is one of our expertise. We help businesses scale by building Android and iOS applications as per their requirement. Also, we specialize in cross-platform application development helping businesses save time and money. 

🔲 Web Application Development

Apart from mobile applications, we are also into web application development for businesses. From payroll management systems to online grocery store applications, we build all kinds of web applications using best-in-class practices. 

Need a Software to Build? Talk to Us!

Get in touch with us over a 30-min call for a quick discussion. Let us know your needs and we’ll see how we can help you out!