Brand Designing – The process 

Brand Designing – The process 

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Brand Designing – How to design a Brand?

Brand designing is a process of two ways when it’s given to a brand designing agency. Involvement of both the client-side and agency-side is vital to attain required results that add to the growth of the company.  

The brand designing agency (or the company itself) should clear all the queries before kickstarting the designing process. Address all the creative problems, anticipate and come up with solutions.  

When relying on an agency, the marketing manager should provide all the information requested by the agency at the appropriate time. Both sides have to work cognitively and brainstorm the ideas to design a brand for the company.  


Now, let’s see about the agenda that should be in the mind to design a brand.  

  1. Structure of the entire process 
  1. Competitive research 
  1. The harness on the creativity 
  1. Perception of business goals and brand personality 
  1. Brainstorming before visualization 
  1.  Style guidelines  


Structure of the entire process 

The entire design framework along with the design brief should be given to the agency which looks after the brand designing process and the agency should outline the entire plan and timeframe required to present the deliverables like logo, tagline, corporate documents, business cards, brochure creatives, hoardings, billboards and leaflets by efficiently using the resources and the budget of the company.  


Competitive research 

Competitor analysis is crucial before initiating the research process to understand the design of the competitive brands, their ideologies, strategies and market approach to outperform their brand design when presented to the market and communicated with the consumers.  


The Harness on the creativity  

Creativity is the key as there are ample brands out there in the market but very few leave a longing impact on the consumers while others fail. Why? The successful ones are creative than the unsuccessful ones. Out-of-the-box ideas and groundbreaking strategies are what a designing agency should look for. Because those with a novel design impress not only the company but also the audience.  


Perception of business goals and brand personality 

As explained in the previous blog, the brand design should complement and serve the purpose of the goals and values that the company possess. So, it’s as important to understand the business, its vision, mission and persona as creating a company with a unique product or a service.  


Brainstorming before visualization 

Whether it be the agency or the company itself, don’t dive directly into designing. It’s like diving into an empty pool. Haha! Yes, before getting into designing, brainstorm as much as you can and come up with creative ideas for the tone of voice, play of words, language, etc. Why because, content is the king always. It makes the way for logo, typography, fonts, slogan and other creatives.  


Style Guidelines 

Style Guidelines are as crucial as the terms and conditions of the company as it justifies the uniqueness and regularity of the company. Upon the approval and formats of the design, the designing agency has to present the style guidelines’ brief to the representative of the company and make them aware of logo usage rules, design templates, layout guidelines, colour palette and other necessary rules. Its existence encourages others to create marketing collaterals with a definite look and tone. 


I hope you’ve understood some important aspects of brand designing. As the brand design is an important facet for overall branding operation, it makes the company develop a distinctive identity.  

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Thanks for reading! 


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