Branding Made Hassle-Free with Nengutech!

Branding Made Hassle-Free with Nengutech!

Are you looking for Branding operations? No worries! Leave it to us and we will look after it.

Branding is the most crucial part to establish the image of any product or service firmly among the consumers. It is how a company communicates about the USP – Unique Selling Proposition or the difference that its product or service has from other contemporary products in the market.

The four steps of Branding are as follows,

  • Determining the target audience
  • Positioning the product or service
  • Defining the personality of the company
  • Choosing a logo and a slogan


Determining the Target Audience

Find out who is likely to buy your product or use your service. Several factors like age, gender, location etc... are brought under consideration.

Study the stat. Statistics will help you to find out the habits of consumers who make a purchase. Also, this will let you know if your product or service seems appealing to certain demographics.

Perform competitor analysis. Studying similar companies that sell products as you do will give you insights into knowing your audience better.

Communication is the key. Connect with your audience. Get engaged with people who fit into your company’s client profile to find out their needs, likes and dislikes.


Positioning the Product or Service

Positioning a business includes choosing how to differentiate its products and services from other comparable contributions in the market. To do as such, you first need to accumulate as much data as possible about your company’s direct rivalry, like insights concerning their products, services, costs and markets, as well as their advertising strategies. Anticipate the potential inadequacies in their products, services or regions in the market that they are not fulfilling, and utilize this data for your potential benefit.

After you have your competition examined, you ought to develop a USP. A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is a succinct explanation that lets customers know what new is your company offering. Your USP should feature the highlights of your product or service that makes it one of a kind and be a value adder for customers.


Defining the Personality of the Company

Generally, a brand narrates the business identity. A significant step in building a brand, then, includes deciding the company’s personality. Alongside a company’s products and services, its audience will likewise assist with building up its character.

Setting up your company’s character will require imaginative conceptualizing with the members of the branding group. You can begin the process by considering the organization as an individual. For example, if the organization is an explorer, you could portray what this individual resembles and how they act. The utilization of expressive words like voyager, traveler, wanderlust or fun will help you and the marketing group to express your theoretical contemplations.

These sorts of imaginative perspectives will permit you and your group to give your organization an immaculate voice.


Choosing a Logo and a Slogan

Logo makes your brand visually appealing while slogan makes the audience remember your product.

A logo conveys the character of a brand. You might need to talk with an expert designer or brand organization during this process to ensure that your logo is elegant, viable and a work of craft. An expert originator will prompt you on things like textual style, shading, logo size, iconography and general plan. They will likewise assist you with planning a logo that reflects or roots your image name.

A slogan is a short, catchy phrase that you can utilize in marketing campaigns to give your brand an additional edge. It’s not a static attribute of your brand, so you can change it as it suits for marketing campaigns.

At Nengutech, we have a team of experts who will look after all your branding needs and give you proven results out of the process. Feel free to connect with us for branding solutions. Hope this blog helped you! Thanks…

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