What is GCP and Why should I learn it? 

What is GCP and Why should I learn it? 

GCP! You might have come across this acronym somewhere on the internet but not know what it is. Right? Never mind whether you are a sophomore or a graduate or a working professional or a school student. You know what YouTube is, Gmail is and maps is. Now, it’s high time you need to get some knowledge about another awesome google product, GCP. 

Lemme explain! 


What is GCP? 

GCP is an all-in-one cloud platform offered by Google. It’s a much better computational software with Google’s core infrastructure, strong data analytics and machine learning.  

It’s a public cloud vendor akin to Amazon Webservices and Microsoft Azure. With these cloud vendors, users can access the computer resources stored at the respective data centres of the vendor all around the globe.  

Google Cloud has a lot of services that we use every day with or without knowledge. These services are completely intended to make the organizations (or an individual user) go digital and perform slick operations. Google Cloud Platform is one such google cloud service that provides public cloud infrastructure for hosting web applications.  

Other google cloud services are as listed 

  • Google workspace that provides Gmail and other collaboration tools for organizations. This was formerly known as G-Suite and Google apps  
  • APIs for machine learning and mapping services (enterprise) that integrates two different software and enable software-to-software communication 
  • Android and Chrome OS – Enterprise versions. These operating systems of laptops and mobile are the ways to connect to web applications.  


Major GCP services 

Google Cloud Platform services are more in number. Google is offering regional services for Google Cloud Platform which means, each region of Google Cloud Platform is offering a few specific services. Not all the services are accessible in all the regions. Let’s discuss the regional services later. But, major GCP services to be noted are,  

  • Big Data 
  • Machine Learning  
  • Networking  
  • Storage and Database 
  • Computing and Hosting 

If you are curious enough to know about GCP offerings, then I’ll make it easy for you. Here is a complete list of GCP products. Check it out! 


Why should I learn Google Cloud Platform? 

Google has offered Google Cloud Platform with exceptional organizational hierarchy and that’s the reason why many large companies are imparting GCP for their operations. Because, with GCP for the managerial operations, every department can move fast with a swift process yet remain bound to and comply with the organizational constraint.  

So, being an ideal candidate with knowledge and skills in GCP that gives you an edge over other people, you will have a lot of employment opportunities and a constant space to grow your technical capabilities that build a strong career.  

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